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If you are not totally satisfied with any product or service from Online Guru Trader, and decide to cancel your subscription or use of the product, you may be eligible for a refund. Please see full details below.

To claim a refund, send us an email with your name to the email address in the “Contact Us” menu. We will put our best people on it to get your money back.

Refund Policy for Trade Alerts

For services with quarterly, half-yearly, annual fees, you have up to 30 days from the time of the charge to request a refund.  After your first 30 days of service, no refunds will be available. If you decide to cancel after being charged for your second quarter, half-year, year of service, you will again have 30 days to request for a refund.

For monthly subscriptions, you will be refunded for the current month. You must be a current fully paid member to request a refund. For quarterly, half-yearly, annual membership subscriptions, your pro-rated unused fees will be refunded. No questions asked. No hassles, we promise.

No Refund Policy for Trade To Win Programme

There is a No Refund Policy for Trade To Win Programme due to the nature of the programme. However, we do have a 100% Money Back guarantee for Trade To Win Programme.