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Trade alert on GBP/JPY (0.01) CFD
Trade alert on GBP/JPY (0.01) CFD

18 December 2015 17:22 (GMT +8:00 hours)
Online Guru Trader has entered a trade into GBP/JPY (0.01) CFD
Market order to open trade to buy 1000 GBP/JPY (0.01) CFD at 181.153
Limit order to sell 1000 GBP/JPY (0.01) CFD to target profit at 188.00
Stop order to cut loss at 180.30
Loss amount if stop loss is hit: 85 pips
Profit amount if target is hit: 685 pips
Due to trade history reporting, we are using the same trading account to trade
If your brokerage is different from us, take note that amount to trade may differ

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