OGT Trade to Win Programme
The road to becoming
a successful trader can
be a long and hard one
Let Thomas show you a shorter path.
The Trade to Win Programme is your mentor to true trading success.

Some people say trading is an art; others say it is a science. We believe it is both an art and a science, and we know it can be daunting to make sense of that.

That is why Thomas created this course - to coach others into trading success through the proprietary and successful methodology he created himself.

  • Intensive, Revealing 2-Day WorkshopAlmost 20 Hours of Uncovering the formula to Thomas' success.
  • Suitable for All, Beginner or SeasonedAlways something to learn for everyone.
  • Forecast Market Direction and TimingWith OGT Analysis Method.
  • No Subscription to Tools RequiredAll tools used are free and easily available.
  • In-Course Practical Case StudiesWitness the effectiveness of the Methodology.
  • OGT Trade Alerts for 12 MonthsAbsolutely free - to get you started.
  • The OGT Methodology, ExplainedThe EDGE you need to be successful consistently.
  • Find Out Why Most Traders FailDespite their experience and huge capital.
  • Learn to Manage Risks and Your MoneyAn important component of the Methodology.
  • Only 1 to 2 Hours Required a DayTo analyse, plan and trade.
  • 24 to 36 hours of Tutorial SessionsOnce a month, for the next 12 months.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee*For all the fees you paid. Conditions apply.
Programme Overview

The OGT Trade to Win programme consists of 1 course with a 12-month follow-up support and tutorial sessions.

2-Days OGT Trading Methodology Course

Day 1

Analyse Like an Analyst

  • FX & CFD platform introduction
  • Knowing what types of trader you are
  • Having the Advantage/EDGE you need
  • The Right Psychology you need
  • Basics 101
  • The Right Way to trade the markets
  • Unique Way to look at technical analysis

Day 2

Trade Like a Trader

  • OGT unique technical analysis method
  • OGT analysis checklist that cannot go wrong
  • OGT Money management rules
  • OGT trading plan with projection of profit target
  • Practical Case Studies

The next 12 months

  • Once a Month Tutorial Session
  • OGT Trade Alerts
Why this Programme?
  • Learn to trade successfully and correctly - even if you are a complete beginner.
  • A well-rounded course to get you started, and develop you into a successful and independent trader.
  • All the tools, skills and knowledge you will need to start analysing good trades and devising a sound trading plan.
  • A personal mentor is important to helping you achieve your goals. Thomas will be personally coaching all classes,
    sharing his experience and knowledge in trading.
  • And if you are still lacking confidence after the 2-day course - the inclusive 12 month tutorials with Thomas will
    help you build it up steadily.
  • Free 12 months of the sought-after OGT Trade Alerts - verify your results with OGT's own trades.
  • And if all else fails, we'll pay you back 100% of what you paid to OGT*.

Note: Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Take the next step to becoming a successful trader.

Whether you are a new and cautious trader, or a lost and jaded experienced trader – if you're not getting a return on capital of 230.04% since 2012 - you are not yet a successful trader.

If you want to know how I did it - how I turned my losses into consistent overall wins since 2012 and achieve the same results as I have - join me in my free seminar, and I'll address that, and show you how to start trading the right way for consistent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner. Is this programme suitable for me?

The programme is suitable for people of all ages and suitable for beginners and experienced traders - all you need is a laptop, and very basic knowledge of how trading works.

Will your course be difficult to understand?

No, the course is designed to be as simple as possible with real live examples and illustrations. Even so, you are free to ask as much questions to clear any doubts that you may have during the course.

What will I achieve after I join and complete this programme?

You will gain a set of knowledge and skills, unique to the OGT Trading Methodology™, needed to trade and invest the right way. You will understand and know how to use various financial vehicles like options, forex, futures and stocks. You will be apt in using simple technical analysis to determine price action, value indication and direction. You will become both the analyst and trader - and execute a sound trading plan.

I am an experienced trader. How is your programme going to benefit me?

Being experienced is not enough. The key is to be profitable consistently in the long run. To invest and trade the right way has nothing to do with experience though it helps a little. It's having the right knowledge and skill sets needed to invest and trade that counts. Our programme is to educate you on the right way to invest and trade.

What if I am already profitable? Will your 12 months programme help?

Yes - but are you profitable, consistently over a long-term period? Most traders or investors are profitable sometimes, and not on other times. Another question you would want to ask yourself is whether you would like to improve your knowledge and skill in investing and trading so that it will improve the consistency of your results.

Where can I sign up for your programme and how much is the cost?

We only offer our programme in our free seminars and other corporate events. The main reason is we do not want people signing up for our programme without fully understanding what they are signing up for. These information will be provided in details during our seminars. The cost of the programme increases as time passes so we recommend you attend our seminar to find out the current price we are charging.

How much time do I have to allocate to attend the full 12 months programme?

Our 2 day course is around 8 to 10 hours per day. Our 12 tutorial sessions are around 2 to 3 hours each so it's a total of around 40 to 56 hours.

I have a question regarding the OGT Trading Methodology™.

Please read more about the Methodology here.

Learn to identify winning trades and generate consistent profits.

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