The OGT Trading Methodology™

You have probably seen the track record of Online Guru Trader achieved in trading since 2012. While it took Thomas 15 years, more than S$60,000 in trading courses, seminars, softwares and books by various experts and many losing trades (accumulating more than S$100,000) to finally achieve results that are this consistent, profitable, and risk-managed - he has today distilled all of knowledge and experience into a proven methodology.

One that almost anyone can master, and apply.

The OGT Trading Methodology™

We are not afraid to reveal this: the OGT Trading Methodology™ is not a secret magic formula that will make you a millionaire in a week. It is a set of principles, coupled with a highly-effective market analysis strategy and a refined set of monitoring and trade planning techniques, that helps any trader achieves results after results.

The methodology:

  • Will not make you truckloads of money quickly in a short period.
  • Empowers you to achieve consistent overall wins.
  • Requires investments in effort to learn, practise and master, but only 1 to 2 hours of your time daily.
  • Is built on principles used by the same traders who have found success.
The methodology has produced consistent results since 2012.
  • US $23,004.00 OGT's Total Profit/Loss Since 2012
  • 230.04% Returns on Capital Since 2012
  • US $10,000 Initial Capital Outlay Since Jan 2012

*View proof of performance here. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. View full disclaimer here.

Meet the Guru behind the methodology.

Thomas Yin started trading stocks in 1996, futures since 2001, options since 2003 and Forex since 2008. In the duration of his trading history, he has spent more than S$60,000 attending numerous courses and seminars on trading, and more than S$100,000 through losses from trading. Despite the heavy losses without a return on his investments in trading, he spurred on.

In 2009, using his knowledge and experience, he finally derived a reliable method of logic analysis that later became the basis for the technical analysis component in the OGT Trading Methodology™. Since then, he has been using it, refining it and proving that the Methodology works through his actual trades.

The OGT Trading Methodology™ has been tested in real-time since 2010, with profitable and consistent results almost every month, impressing many seasoned traders and friends in the trading circle.

With his newfound financial success, he hopes to give back to the community by opening up the methodology to earnest students or traders through coaching or his trade alerts.

You can benefit from the same Methodology too.

If you want to know how Thomas did it - how he turned his losses into consistent wins and achieve the same results as he did - sign up for his free seminar, and he'll not only address that, and but also show you how to start trading the right way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the OGT Trading Methodology™ be applied in any financial market and vehicle (e.g. forex, options, stocks etc.)?

Yes, the OGT Trading Methodology™ has been tested to work in the forex, stock and other markets since 2010. The underlying principles are unchanging across the different vehicles - the vehicle is simply the investment vehicle of the trader's choice. Do note that the risks and features unique to each vehicle will still apply.

I am a long term investor and my friend is a short term trader. Is OGT Trading Methodology™ more short-term or long-term oriented?

The OGT Trading Methodology™ can be applied for short-term, mid-term or even long-term trading. The only difference is the timeframe that is determined by the trader's risk profile, preferences and investment plan (the "holding period").

Is the Methodology more fundamental-based or technical-based?

The Methodology is almost 99% technical-based. We are technical analysts and traders and we look at the charts most of the time. We do follow fundamentals but mostly at an overall macro view.

How good and accurate is the Methodology?

To answer that question, take look at our trade history to verify and witness for yourself. These are real and actual trades that we put up based on using the Methodology and all losses and wins reflected are truly so.

In general, can you share what your technical analysis is about?

Our technical analysis involves determining direction, price action and value indication. For more information - do visit us at our free seminars.