Trade History

3rd Party Verification
For 3rd party verification of trade results, we have included links to screenshots of trades results from CFDs brokers, CityIndex and IGmarkets. You can verify them with our trade history table to your right.

The table on the right provides a factual summary of all the trades by OGT over each year, and illustrates the efficacy of the OGT Methodology.

Note: All trades are done using a CFDs trading account with a initial capital outlay of US$10000 at the start of 2012.
Note: Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Latest Update:
We have shifted platform to share our trade signals/alerts in order to serve you better and reach you faster for our trade signals/alerts. Therefore, we stopped using and updating our trade alerts mobile app and on this website. In place of it, we will update our free trade ideas and trade signals/alerts through our newly formed facebook trade signals/alerts group and through whatsapp. Please click here to join our facebook free trade signals/alerts group.

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