Dec 04

Here’s a potential trade on GBP…

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

From the charts, GBP may strengthen in the short term soon.

Those looking to trade this can look at EUR/GBP to go short, and to go long on GBP/JPY and GBP/USD.

Price at current levels now presents a good entry point.

Right now, traders can look at EUR/GBP to short above 0.8900 with a stop at around 0.8936 to 0.8943

Nov 21

Watch how “badly” I forecast the movement of crude oil and gold

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

A less than 3 minute video says it all.

Watch how “badly” I forecast the movement of crude oil and gold at the start of this year on 9th January 2018 with a live audience through a webinar.

I’m not even going to show you how “badly” I forecast the US stock market.

I’m just showing you the part on crude oil and gold.

It was part of my annual market outlook for 2018.

And for those who like to get your hands on my annual market outlook for 2019 around 10th January 2019, do subscribe to my free newsletter as I’ll be sending my members the slides of my annual market outlook to them.

May the financial markets be in tune with you always.

Nov 13

Let’s flashback and see how “bad” my forecast for crude oil and gold is way back in Dec 2015

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Those who have attended my market outlook forecast back in Dec 2015 to early 2016 through my webinars and offline talks in paya lebar would have remembered I mentioned that gold and crude oil was bottoming out.

I was not always right on the markets but these forecast on crude oil and gold, I would say is pretty spot on.

In fact, both crude oil and gold bottomed out as what I forecast and crude oil went on to surpassed the price of over $76 from a low of around $27 while gold went from around $1045 to over $1370.

Check out the video which was recorded way back on 8th December 2015.

And recently I did a public market outlook talk on where the markets are going to move in the months ahead during the Traders’ Fair Singapore at Suntec.

I’m sure my forecast will be able to help those who attended, to trade the markets in the months ahead with confidence and reaped in massive profits.

And for those in Vietnam, I am coming to HCM, to give a similar talk for the Traders’ Fair in HCM.

If you want to know where the markets are going to move and in what direction in the months ahead and how you can profit from it then make sure you be at my talk.

Check it out and register for this event at

See you all during the upcoming Vietnam HCM Traders’ Fair on the 24th November this month.

Nov 08

Traders’ Fair Singapore with fellow speakers and trainers

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

It was great to catch up with fellow trainers and speakers during the recent Traders’ Fair Singapore.

One topic that came about was the topic of some speakers/trainers going around to disturb other speakers talk, bringing them down.

My take is this… If someone has the time and energy to bring people down, then why not use that spare time and energy to improve your service and training and share more to the public masses.

You see, (1) one can bring people down to show to others he/she stands out or (2) one can bring people up to show he/she stands out too.

I prefer the (2). And I totally understand why people would choose (1) because it’s easy and gains traction fast. It resonates with the masses quickly and easily but I just don’t feel it is the right thing to do.

To all those who is reading this, I shall leave you with a quote and may your day and the weeks and months ahead be fulfilling. 

“You can tell who the strong people are. They are the ones you see bringing one another up instead of tearing each other down.”

Sep 26

Control how much you lose when you lose

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Did a trade on AUD/NZD on 11th September and it was sent out to my free members group in telegram and also to my paid members.

And 8 days later reached profit target with a profit of over 100 pips.

We all know we will have winning trades and losing trades.

And we also know that whenever we trade, we cannot control whether we will have winning trades or losing trades.

But we can control how much we lose (when we lose) by putting in place stop loss to limit (control) our losses.

If a trader can make sure that when he loses, his loss is $1 and when he wins, he profits $2.

Then even if he loses 6 trades out of 10 trades and wins only 4 trades, he will still be overall profitable.

For those who wants free trade signals on US stocks and forex, please feel free to join my free telegram channel @

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