10x Coaching Session (August 2019)

By Online Guru Trader

Aug 13

This webinar coaching session was done on the 13th of August 2019.


Thomas reviewed last month’s trades which were mainly losing trades and this was due to the market correction and going down which was highlighted in last month’s webinar.

A few short term with long term stock trades were given.

Also reviewed the gold trade which he mentioned in last month’s webinar which made well over 2000% profit based on risk to reward.

Went on to share on the a forex trade using the daily timeframe to short USD/CAD.

Followed by looking at gold long term to continue to go up as well as crude oil to continue to go up.

Likely scenario for US stock market will be for it to move up from here if it does not test the previous low.

Ended with answering question on how to put in a buy and hold stock trade using TOS platform.

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