It's My Life's Purpose To Make You See Winning Returns From The Stock Market & Create A Dependable Source Of Income!

My Life Story

Hi everyone, I’m Thomas Yin,  the founder of Online Guru Trader.

I’ve been a full-time trader for the past 10 years, 

And have been guiding aspiring traders for the past 7 years using my battle-tested strategies. (more about this later on)

During this time, I was fortunate enough to be featured in articles such as “Yahoo Finance”, “Marketwatch”, “International Business Times” 

Some of the recent highlights of my trading career was being able to effectively predict which stocks were going to see huge returns in the coming months,

As well as which were going to plummet.

For examples, on 15th May 2020, during a Facebook Live,

I talked about why you SHOULDN’T buy into SIA.

That’s because to begin with, the airline industries like SIA run on a very thin margin.

On top of that, with the COVID-19 situation, sales will be badly hurt (No flying allowed for the next 2-3 months = no income)

After looking at the charts, I predicted that the share price in SIA will drop in the coming months and traders should steer clear of this stock.

And think about it this way, even after flying resumes, with the pandemic still around, 

People will be too concerned to actually book a flight and go on holiday.

So what happened shortly after?

Well, from 15th May to 4th August, SIA’s share price dropped to $3.90 to $3.20 in less than 3 months.

SIA 15th May - Share Price: $3.90

3 Months Later

SIA 4th August - Share Price: $3.20

And this is just one of the many “predictions” that I made after analysing the charts.

There are still many others such as

  • 18th May FB live - on buying sea limited (SE) and it was at around $62 on 18th May before market opening and now it just reached a high of $176.90 on 14th October.
  • 22nd May FB live - 3 cruise line stocks to buy on 22nd May and by 8th June which is slightly less than 3 weeks later, all 3 stocks have moved up at least 60%.

The best part is that hundreds of my students(even complete beginners), 

Were able to see remarkable winning returns in the stock market, simply by following my step-by-step instructions and saved themselves a huge capital loss.

I’m incredibly grateful that I became a full-time trader because it allowed me to achieve the success that I want.

I can work whenever I want, and anywhere I want to.

I just spend 30 minutes a week to analyse and set up my trades, 

And I can spend the rest of my time doing what I love most,

Being there for my family and providing for them comfortably.

But if you think that my life was always this good, think again…

Here’s the thing...

Trading allowed me to spend significantly more time with my wife & kids.

I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to afford an amazing house like this

It Wasn’t Always This Way...

I used to live in a small, 3-bedroom apartment with minimum furniture

Yup, I used to live in a small 3-bedroom apartment at Ang Mo Kio

My dad was unemployed, 

And my mom had to work 2 jobs just to get $50 a day.

It came to the point where we couldn’t even afford a plumber to come down to our house to fix our pipe leakage. (Note: Plumber costs ranged from $45-$200)

My mom had no choice but to borrow money from her relatives to start paying bills, which accumulated to over $50K.

Those were truly hard times for my family.

So even when I was young, I had the longing for money, I wanted to support my family,

With a significant amount of money, I could also help my younger brother pay for his education as well.

It would take a huge load off my parent’s shoulders.

So I did what I thought was the best course of action.

I Got A Job To Support My Family

Yup, I managed to secure a job by signing on in the Air Force.

To me, this was the most obvious way to help my family. 

My grades were so bad in school that I couldn’t enter any Polytechnic, so getting a degree was out of reach for me.

I figured that since the Government pay was good, I could support my family,

As well as save up some cash for my own future family.

And it was during my days in the air force that I heard from my friends about my future calling, 


My friends in the Air Force were trading and they saw profits stacking up.

That’s when it hit me…

 Trading Was My Express Ticket Out Of Poverty!

So I tried my luck as well, and used almost all my savings ($30k) to enter the market.

(it might not seem like a lot, but for a poor person like, $30K was a mountain’s worth of cash.)

Things were going great at first, I was using a buy & hold strategy I heard from my friends,

And ventured into “strong” stocks that the news said was going to increase rapidly. I was making some decent returns.

But I’m sure you can start to guess what happens shortly after.

The share prices started to fall but I kept holding on, because the news said that it was going to increase in just a short period of time.

I waited, and waited, and prayed, and after 5 years...

I Lost 99% Of My Capital

The share price of the stocks I ventured into literally dropped to 0.03 cents.

I was dumbfounded. I listened to the news/media, and it kicked me right in the gut.

I thought to myself, “The media can’t be trusted, I’ll only rely on the black & white numbers next time”.

It was only then that I realised my first lesson...

My wallet felt like a feather, I was angry, desperate, and scared.

Fundamentals Are Not Helpful For A Trader

As you can see, stated in 2017 that A&F was going to plummet in share price. This however, was far from the truth

I bought into A&F stocks on August 2017 at $11/share. In less than 9 months I sold it for $26.24/share. The complete opposite of what the fundamentals told me

When it comes to fundamentals, almost every single time it is prone to biases.

This means that one trader might say that a stock is good, but another might say it’s bad.

And most traders are often caught in these biases, and ultimately enter the wrong trade.

Especially when it comes to traders who make multiple trades in months,

It can be deadly.

But yet, many traders still listen to the fundamentals, and enter the wrong trades time and time again, 

That’s because people are prone to “Fear & Greed” or “Cause & Effect”

When people hear someone talking about potential “strong” stocks, they get greedy and buy in the shares.

Likewise, if the news/other trainers talk badly about certain companies/stocks, people’s fear causes them to sell the shares.

That being said, I was tenacious, (and desperate)

I Still Believed That Trading Was My Way Out

Something about trading stuck to me, I knew that it was the only way to still see an income,

In hindsight, it might have been the taste of winning returns at first that spurred me on, I wanted to make winning trades … I needed to.

But I was missing something, something crucial that would allow me to trade effectively.

So now, with almost no savings left, 

And with only a strong desire to make it big in the markets, I needed some capital to continue.

I worked as a property agent and later on, a technician, to earn an income to fuel my trades.

At the same time, I had a different mindset. 

I needed to learn AS MUCH as I could about the stock market if I wanted to see winning trades.

So that's when I...

Attended As Many Training Courses As I Could

I went to 1 course, it didn’t work. Went to another course, still hardly saw any winning returns.

This repeated several times and in just a few years, I had spent more than $50,000 in courses.

I was perplexed, I was venturing into so many different trades, 

Using the different strategies that I learned, but my portfolio was still in an abysmal state (A sea of red)

When I went to check my statements, I realised that in June 2004 alone, I spent $8,000 in brokerage fees.

By September 2004, I was 5 and a half, credit cards in debt

After trading and trying so hard for the past 10 years…

I Had Over $200K In Losses

I was on the brink of giving up, I thought to myself, 

“Maybe trading isn’t cut out for people like me…”

That’s when I came across a 2-day programme hosted by a legend in SGX.

This person was what every trader in Singapore wanted to be. 

He was a Floor trader for 20+ years, traded more than 1,000 future contracts, and made $9+ million in profits just from doing that.

So I decided to give it ONE more try, if this programme didn’t work out, I’ll quit trading for good and stick to a regular 9-5.

Honestly, I didn’t really like him at the start of the programme, the first thing he said to the class was,

“I don’t actually want to be here, but SGX said I was required to come down and give at least 1 teaching a year”.

In my head, I was like, “SIAO LIAO, this person the attitude like that, confirm cannot help me .''

But it did.

Through his strategies, I started to see winning returns, and then more, and even more!

I was making more winning trades after using his strategies 

Then I did in the last 3 years of trying to trade the markets.

And out of these important lessons I learned from my benefactor/shifu/mentor,

There’s one that I remember and use in my trading strategy to this day...

Trade Solely On Bars & Charts

Focusing on the charts is by the far the fastest & easiest way to analyse a stock. It shows the uptrends/downtrends, and share prices without relying on fundamentals

Here’s the thing. 

Why make your life difficult with slow indicators, and inaccurate fundamentals,

When you can just base your trades on just 1 indicator.

Not only does this save you the hassle of looking at multiple, complicated indicators that contradict each other,

You effectively cut down your time needed to analyse to just 30 minutes - an hour.

But that’s not all, because just looking at this 1 indicator,

You will have absolute control over your trades WITHOUT relying on anyone.

When you cut down your analysis time and make use of less indicators,

You can accurately set up multiple safe measures to ensure the lowest risk possible when you enter a trade.

Things like, 

“When do I enter the trade?”, 

“How much risk am I willing to take?”, 

“What are the market conditions I need to see before I enter the trade?”

These are already set and determined before you even enter a trade.

From, there you’ll be able to make tweaks & adjustments to better improve your trade results,

As well as better time your trades a lot better.

One of the first few things that I teach all my students is exactly how to do this, step-by-step.

And I make sure that every single one of them (even absolute beginners) are on the same page in order to see winning returns.

What Our Students Are Sharing About Our Training & Coaching

"Confident That The Techniques Taught Are The Most Effective! Appreciate The Sincere Desire To Impart Experience & Expertise!"

"Easy & Clear Understanding Of Step-By-Step Instructions Towards Analysing, Entering & Exiting Trades!"

"Firmly Believe That 'Trade To Win' Strategy Can Help Those Who Want To Achieve A Higher Level Of Financial Freedom!"

"Had Zero Knowledge But Now Understand How The Market Works After Using The 'Trade To Win' Strategy!"

"Training Exceeded Expectations! Realised The Mistakes Made In Past Trading."

"Online Content Made Learning Much Faster & Easier!"

"The Trade To Win Method Is Just What I Have Been Looking For. Thank You Thomas & Seniors For The Support!"

"A True Mentor Who Gives Value!"

"If Only I Attended The 'Trade To Win' Course 2 years Earlier, Trading Would Have Been So Much Easier!"

"Even After The Course, I'm Still Invited To Monthly Webinars & Updated Through Whatsapp!"

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