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Francis S.

I followed Thomas trade alert on NTRS and managed to get profits of almost $3000 just one day after getting into that trade. I have been following his trades since then. Thanks for the trade alerts.


For the past 6 to 7 months, I have been making on average 5 to 6% return on capital per month. Thanks Thomas for sharing your trades and strategy.

Angela T.

I have attended some courses related to Equities, Option, Forex etc. I personally find Thomas Yin’s(OGT) methods of Analysis and Trading very concise and precise.

His Technical Analysis (TA) indicators allows scanning of overvalued, undervalued of the underlying products. Identifying alerts for price action which covers a good entry price be it buying or selling. Technical Analysis is only part of the decision to know whether one should enter a trade. What’s next?

I know Money management(MM) is one of the most important key factors to success. OGT Money Management(MM) teaches me to not just know but can apply the relevant technique in making practical computation. OGT Money management (MM) method and calculation is unique, effective and practical

With Thomas’ Online Guru Trader both Technical Analysis and Money Management, by following his rules faithfully, I believe that OGT will enable me to grow my wealth in the long run and be financially free.

Tina T.

The market tanked so much that my trade on PM which I shorted is making me more than 300%. I am doing rain dance around my computer. Glad that I hang on to the trade even when it was moving very slowly initially. Thanks Thomas for the trade alert.

Kenrick C.

Thanks Thomas for sharing insights into trading. I have learnt a lot and will now attempt to put into practice the strategies I have learnt.


I've been monitoring and following thomas's trade alerts since 2013. 2014 was one of the best years for me where I got over 80% on my capital following his trades. Right now, I am up 20% and it's only the start of the year. Keep up the good work.

Darren N.

Prior to attending Trade To Win training, I knew that my trading method was flawed. I'm pretty confident in my charting skills, but results are inconsistent. Back in my mind, I knew that there were a couple of approach missing but I just couldn't pinpoint them out precisely. Trade To Win trading system helped to filled that all in. I've finally found those missing pieces of my puzzle.
Thanks Thomas for imparting us your knowledge, and also to your team for their assistance!

Cynthia A.

Class of 25-27Nov
Mentor : Thomas Yin
Weekends burnt for a most successful outcome for financial freedom. I walk into the room with a brain full of apprehension & mud, but I left the room thinking like a TRADER! Now it has to be packed with potential, belief, actions and results! Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts with Thomas TTW formula! I have now the 10 commandments from Trading which I will follow as a "divine office! We have to respect and apply your teachings or else the market will humble us! We will remember the 3 pillars -Psychology, Money Management and Market Analysis! You will be written down in my social media as a great mentor to learn and follow!
Let us stay united as a "go and win" team for extra income with genuine support for one another! And to our most patient mentor, whose favourite word is "hello, answer la" or ensuring we are listening attentively for the understanding or saying when we have that extra income, he will be most happy so he wants to help us - we express our deepest thanks for all that you have taught us and even "extra and beyond" ! I hope my next write up will be on my success factor with a salute to our OGT Thomas Yin n a strong recommendation!

Jeffrey T.

learnt a very simple and systematic approach to trading. very enlightening

Thomas L.

I have made pretty decent bucks since I applied Thomas' methodology to my tradng since March 2015 till now. I think the key here is "belief". You can't do anything well if you don't have full belief in it. Thomas has given me that belief. I took a lot of financial courses but Thomas' methodology s still the best to me up to now. His trade alerts also helped me not spend much time monitoring the markets and following his trade alerts have helped me make much gains in my account.

Tom L.

Thank you Thomas for imparting your trading knowledge for the past 2 days! Looking forward to start applying the strategies and techniques you taught us!

Henry L.

Thanks Thomas Yin for the the detailed explaination and coaching. I truly appreciate your clear-cut teaching style, which allows me to form a trading strategy immediately after the course! Truly a good course for anyone who would like to pick up trading!

Noraini M.

Excellent stuff! thank you for such thorough and generous guidance, the details and supreme patience! I am grateful sifu, thank you

Travion S.

Wonderful class conducted by Thomas. Very patient & clear in teaching and experienced in knowledge!

Yeo H. C.

Excellent teaching from Thomas Yin. Technical chart analysis to money management. Thanks Thomas.

Zel L.

After attending Thomas Yin course, I have a better understanding on how the market works and the techniques to apply. Looking forward to attend more courses from Thomas Yin! Xie Xie Ni

Teo P.L.

I feel this a very different course from the courses that I had attended as Thomas focus alot on psychology which is very important. Likewise, the TA indicator that he use is also different from others. I feels it will benefit in my future trading alot.

Sam K.

Thank you, Thomas... for imparting your priceless trading system to us! And for making it easy to understand even for a newbie like me.

Gary O.

Before TTW, I had already been trading for 2-3 years, self learning and even attended another well known course in the market. I gave up eventually because I thought trading was no different from gambling in the casino. I thought putting my money in the markets just exposed me out to be eaten by “bigger players” such as banks, high network investors, etc. I concluded that I needed to be really rich in order to get back in the trading game (maybe 10 years down the road or so).

During TTW, Thomas showed me that not only was I wrong, I was very, very wrong. He showed me how numbers in the market are really a direct reflection of the current state of psychology of investors out there, and that even a small player like me can make reasonable calculations to predict the market and create consistent wins in my trading.

Thomas’s 8-step methodology is so easy to follow, you don’t even need to be anywhere near “tech-savvy” to be able to use it! But of course just to be sure, Thomas went through many many different real-life examples, which I’m deeply appreciative about, because it cleared up my blindspots and gave me a clear and practical understanding of what to do and what not to do. I especially like how this methodology can be applied to everything - CFDs, Stocks, Futures, Forex etc. Not only that, it also works regardless of what amount you have to invest (at least $1000), which allows me to start off easily even just a couple of thousands to trade with.

Now, I’m equipped to trade any market, and be a “professional trader” instead of a “gambler”. Very excited to start on my 1-hour-a-day trading system and start "getting good" at growing my savings. Thank you Thomas!

Muhammad A.

Its AWESOME to know why 90% of investor lose money in stocks as they do not know what they are doing. I'm grateful and excited to apply what i've learned although i have to admit its overwhelming hahaha. Thanks so much Thomas!

Liyana R.

Too much to learn. Thanks Thomas for imparting us with such useful knowledge

Eddy S.

Thanks Thomas for the great class! Definitely learnt a lot over these last 2 days! Excited to apply the new gained knowledge!

Koh S.S.

Enlightening workshop! Thank you Thomas for sharing and imparting your knowledge!

Cassandra L.

Thank you Thomas Yin for the training. Definitely an eye opener for me with his tactics and strategy! I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to trade to learn from Thomas Yin. Confirm SG TOP Guru for online trading! Thumbs up!

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