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Aug 05

Las Vegas Sands ready to move up soon

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Trade on LVS 4august2014

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) is still in an uptrend based on the moving averages though there was a correction of around 20% since the previous high set in early March 2014. Uptrend may resume soon. Traders should target the entry price not higher than $74.00. Traders should set their stop loss at $71.08 since the previous low was set on 15th April 2014. Traders should target profit at around $82.18 and based on last Friday’s close of $72.72, it presents a very good risk to reward trade with minimum risk. Read about this article at sharesinv

Aug 05

OGT trades resulted in 4th consecutive profitable months

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Hi fellow traders, OGT made a total profit of US$4795.00 for the past 4 months ending July. That’s 47.95% returns in just 4 months with a starting capital of $10000. July profitable results are being updated. A picture speaks a thousand words. See for yourself OGT results as we screen capture it for you to view. Verify Online Guru Trader’s real results by clicking here now. All results are tabulated into a trade history table for ease of viewing and you can view that trade history table by clicking here now.