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Jul 07

FREE Whatsapp Trade Signals/Alerts

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Latest Update:
We have shifted platform to share our trade signals/alerts in order to serve you better and reach you faster for our trade signals/alerts. Therefore, we stopped using and updating our trade alerts mobile app and on this website. In place of it, we will update our free trade ideas and trade signals/alerts through our newly formed facebook trade signals/alerts group and through whatsapp. Please click here to join our facebook free trade signals/alerts group.

Jun 13

Did you trade the UK Election? 13/05/2017

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So quite a few people ask me whether did me or my private community of traders traded on the news of the recent UK election.

I actually don’t bother much about the news but we did go in to trade on EURGBP more than a month before the election. Now we are totally out of the trade with profits on that one single trade of over 400 pips. The election just allowed us to go into much deeper profits as the attached screenshots shows.

The thing is this. We traded on the 19 April 2017 way before the news were announced in June 2017. The same thing happened for BREXIT almost exactly one year ago when we traded GBPUSD roughly three weeks before the the referendum and voting was held. That trade was massively profitable for us too after the news of the voting was announced.

The reason for all this, is by using and applying our time-tested and proven trading strategy/system, which we call Trade To Win trading system. A system, a measuring mechanism to measure the overall market crowd’s fear and greed to a high accuracy using our unique way of technical analysis.

When you can determine the overall market crowd’s fear and greed to a high accuracy using a measuring mechanism, a system, then you do not need to follow or trade the news or even be bothered about it. Because naturally most of the times than not, you will trade the news before it happens.

Here’s something extra for all to learn.
Always have a system
Always have an unfair advantage in your system
Make sure your system is time-tested and proven over time to work.
eurgbp strategic weekly 19april 2017 chart_1

eurgbp strategic weekly 19april 2017_1

Jun 12

Last two free workshop 12/06/2017

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So I will be taking a break soon after doing another 2 workshop. My 2.5 hour free workshop talk where I share the techniques me and my past participants have used and applied to consistently profit from the markets to grow our wealth.

Those who wished to attend, please sign up @ Apart from learning more in depth on how the global financial markets really worked, you will also learn:

Use leverage to grow your wealth safely and massively

Identify winning trades by determining direction and timing to a high accuracy (regardless of which and what market you are in)

Consistently grow your account by 2% to 8% per month, month after month.

Go ahead and register now before it’s over

Jun 01

Profits of 460% based on risk to reward

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I traded gbpjpy together with my private group on the 24th May and got out with profits within a week. The best thing is, I didn’t even look for the trade. My students found the trade, posted it and we all traded it together. That’s synergy. And it’s r2r of 1:4.6, that’s 460% based on risk to reward.
gbpjpy strategic 4h 24th may 2017_1

May 30

No man is an island 30/05/2017

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Check out the video. I particularly like this few sentences in the video. “I think, again, symbolically, at the very end of our lives, if we can still say you know, we were never humbled. We were knocked down but we got up and I can say I lived life with integrity and I took all the blows, and I still prevailed, I think that’s a good epitaph for anyone.” I am sure you will like the video.

Jun 23

Seems like it’s not only me who have bearish sentiment with the markets 23/06/2016

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Since the second half of last year, I have been turned overall long term bearish on the markets. Those who followed me and been to my market outlook talks would think I am a naturally bearish guy on the markets but it is not true. Since 2010, I have been have been trading the markets with an overall long term bullish view on the markets.

As a trader who use technicals to trade, I analyse the markets based on the charts. So my bearish sentiment comes from analysing the markets through the charts. By using the charts, I am able forecasted the small market crash in July 2015 during the greece crisis and a crash in a bigger extent in August 2015 during the china crisis which caused the dow jones to drop over 2000 points in just 4 trading days. As a technical analyst, I cannot tell you what events or news will move the markets. But using the charts, I can see when a shift is likely to happen.

And right now I am even more bearish than ever, because the chart shows a shift is even more imminent. It also seems like more and more technical traders and analyst are sharing my view and sentiment as well. One of them is this technical analyst who according to the article I just read, forecasted 4 market crashes in the past. I like to share this article with all of you and I hope you enjoy it. Please click the link to read it at

Big crisis lies great opportunities and I believe great opportunity are in stored for the future and I hope all of you out there are equiped with the tools, skillsets and knowledge to take full advantage of it. Even if you are not equip, at least protect yourself thereby protecting your wealth from depreciating. Like I said (which some of you may have heard me say before), one of the greatest wealth transfer in history is starting (the brewing part is almost over, and so it’s starting)

May 18

EXC trade posted last week

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Posted on this blog last week to monitor EXC to short on 10th May before U.S. market open at 930pm on that day. After that, I had a webinar with my students that evening before market open and told them to monitor this closely for a trade using my Trade To Win (T.T.W.) trading system. T.T.W. system triggered a trade entry that very day after market opened. Here is the current chart of EXC up to yesterday’s close.

EXC trade 18 may 2016 for public1

Most typical technical analyst will say that it is a double top formed and that’s why it is going down. But most people will also say that by the time the double bottom is confirmed, it is always a bit too late to trade it. And if it is still early to confirm to say that it is a double top, when people trade it, normally what happens after that is the double top is not formed and breaks the previous resistance to set a new high. And that is why most analyst are analyst and not professional traders. Analyst are paid to be right and justify it after it has already happened and most of the time the battle is already over. Here, being the trade has already moved.

Using T.T.W trading system, as you can see, it can go along side with double top analysis. The only difference is that there is confirmation and the confirmation is much earlier for a trade entry to minimize risk and to maximize returns. I don’t use double top or bottom analysis anymore but most of the time after I traded a security, I noticed a double top or bottom being formed afterwards. I also like to congratulate all those who traded this after following my post last week on 10th May especially my students as well. One of my students who have traded this is Joey when he posted on my facebook for students asking whether to hold or start taking profits this morning. Here is the screenshot of it and it really makes my day (even much more than making the money myself) seeing it.

EXC trade 18 may 2016 showing profits by students1

Keep it up Joey. Consistent income from trading is the way to go. Enjoy the trading journey ahead.

Jul 22

Trade To Win July 2015 Penang Malaysia

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Last weekend was Trade To Win Intensive in Penang Malaysia. It was held on 18th and 19th July. The group was mainly consist of experienced traders. Most of them have been trading for some time before attending OGT Trade To Win Intensive. Lots of questions was asked by them and answered promptly. I believe the course made them a better trader and improve their trading skills and techniques. I like to thank everyone for attending and I am honored to be able to share with them OGT methodology. Special thanks goes to June for arranging the event. Without her, the event won’t have been possible. I like to also thank Adrian who is in charge of his group of traders for attending together with his group of traders. All the best and I wish everyone forever lasting consistent returns through trading the financial markets.

Jul 15

The best financial advice I’ve ever received

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I am happy and honored to be ask by Karen Foo to reveal what was the best financial advice I’ve ever received so that it can be shared to benefit others. And Karen did not stop there, she went on to get another 29 financial experts to share their best advice they have ever received as well. Very grateful and may blessing be with her for her selfless deed. Below is the link to the article she wrote publishing my advice including the other 29 expert’s advice as well. I am sure you will benefit from it even if you are not into trading or investing in the financial markets. So please feel free to read it @