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Mar 18

Grateful for my student’s comment on OGT method

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I am so grateful to my students for giving such a comment on OGT methodology and me. Only methods that are systemized and simple enough will work in the long run for successful trading to happen. I know all along OGT methodology is one of them but hearing from them is gratifying. Thank you for your comments, students from Vietnam and Singapore. You know who you are. Both of you made my day.

Student acknowledgement of OGT1_hightlight

Student acknowledgement of OGT2_hightlight

Mar 12

Making more profits if you are more active

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This is a follow up on yesterday’s post on TSLA. OGT students made profit from that trade but if you are more actively looking at the markets, you can make more. This shows and proves that once you master the 3 pillars to successful trading which is psychology, method and money management, and you put in the time and effort, you will make more than the rest. Kudos to my student from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam for putting the time and effort to make the money.
profit on TSLA by Lai1_hightlight

profit on TSLA by Lai2_hightlight

Mar 11

Students profitted on the trade on TSLA

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Students discussed this counter since last Friday. We entered last night. We got a entry around $188.00. Stop loss at $184.99. Most are in profit now. And all of us already took some partial profits on the same night at around $193.00. Even if TSLA hit our stop loss tonight, we just breakeven or make some small gains. This is the way to trade. No stress. Lock in some profits and leave the rest to go for more profits. Aiming for target around $220.00 now.
TSLA trade by students and profited.hightlight
TSLA trade by students and_profited.highlight

Mar 04

New student makes profit from trading after course

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Very happy for my student from Jakarta for getting so much profits from so many trades using OGT methodlogy. Since he attended OGT Trade To Win course in January, he has put in lots of effort and time into mastering OGT methodology.
Hadi take profit_highlighted
He deserve it since every single day he allocated time and put in effort to find trades and mastering OGT methodology. I am honored and grateful to have been able to share OGT methodology with him. It really warms my heart to see members trade and make money consistently from using OGT methodology.

Mar 01

Trade To Win Feburary 2015 Singapore

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Back to Singapore to host Trade To Win course. Good to see even some of my past batches re-attending for refresher and psychology enhancement in trading. Please click on the photos to enlarge for better viewing.