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May 13

The thing about trading plan you must know

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

A trading plan is for the purpose of putting into motion “a trade idea” by mapping out scenarios where it becomes a loss and where it becomes a win.
To be safe and protect yourself when you are wrong and to be as profitable as it can be when you are right.
The act of having a plan clearly mapped out in details (and not just rough ideas) increases the trader’s ability to manage his trade well than not having a plan mapped out clearly in details.
A few reasons why traders lose and one of them is because they do not even have a trading plan clearly mapped out in details when they trade.
Traders lose consistently, not because they don’t do their trading plan.
But because they do not believe in the trading plan they just did and therefore did not follow through with their trading plan.
Traders should always ask themselves these questions to instill discipline in following through.
And that is “What is the point of planning and not following through with the plan?” and “Why plan in the first place when you do not follow the plan after trading?”
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May 08

New Quant Fund launched

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Check out this article from Bloomberg.
Very happy for John. Very honored to be able to share trading stuffs with him when he attended my class in 2016. If you are looking to invest in a fund and get good performance and most importantly know your money is safe and handled with care, this is the one. People who know me knows that I don’t endorse funds. This is the first and could be the last.

May 02

Never listen to the naysayers!

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Never let someone tell you what you can do and cannot do. They can’t do it themselves and they tell you that you can’t do it too. Never listen to the naysayers, haters, doubters and never give up even if you fail again and again. You will eventually get there by simply not giving up.