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Aug 20

Why am I doing fewer public trainings?

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Lots of people say to me, you are not prominent and is “quite quiet”

I only did four 2.5 hour workshop training event for this year.

And held just one 2 day workshop for this year.

That’s it. No more workshops for the rest of the year.

And we had received numerous enquirers asking when is our next training workshop.

So for those reading this, please take note that my next 2.5 hour training workshop will be around early next year.

For next year, I will be planning to do about four to eight sessions of my 2.5 hour training workshop.

Just one 2 day workshop is planned for next year.

All happening during the first quarter of next year and after that, I will be back to helping my private trading group and community. (back to “being quiet” for the rest of the next year)

To me, helping my existing community and group of traders and making sure they makes money from trading takes first priority then bringing more traders into my community.

So for those not in my private community, know that I am quiet to you but at the backend, I am busy hustling giving trades ideas and training my private community of traders and supporting them whenever they need and also trading on my own.

Those who like to be informed of when is my next workshop training next year, you can subscribe for my free newsletter on our website at to get updates on my next training.

Aug 15

Don’t miss our next profitable trade again…

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Posted this trade earlier today on EUR/AUD to go short and now it has moved into profit. This was posted on our telegram channel at 12:14pm (GMT+8) and at around 2pm price reached a high of 1.5707 and now (5:15pm) it is 1.5663. Roughly 200% based on risk to reward. Congrats to those who followed our trade post in this free telegram channel.

And for those who are interested, click on the link to join our free telegram channel where we share some of our best trade ideas, signals and alerts on stocks and forex.

Aug 15

Life is about how you keep moving forward…

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Life is about getting hit and keep moving forward. For those who are being hit hard, know that it is suppose to be this way. Its not about avoiding getting hit or anything like that. Its about how you keep moving forward no matter how hard you get hit. This is so true for trading as well. Hope you enjoy the video.

Aug 06

Just ended the OGT 2 day Trade To Win Intensive

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

We ended our 2 days Trade To Win Intensive yesterday.

And I am very appreciative and honored that my past student asked his elder brother to join this one.

To me, something has to be really good for someone to recommend it to their love ones.

He is not the first to recommend my program to his love ones, and I am sure he won’t be the last.

Coming back to the workshop, very happy to see all our students getting the techniques of trade to win strategy.

Their trading journey has just began and I’ll be there together with them whenever they need help.

With so many support channels like my offline meetups, online tutorial, online training videos, online monthly webinars, phone and email, facebook group, I am sure they will be better and be a more successful traders in time to come.

The real work starts now. Excited to get to work with them.