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Apr 30

Main difference between an investor and a trader

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

The major difference between a buy and hold investor and a trader.

For those who do not know, the previous 2-3 posts before this, on the screenshot of our latest trade on wall street is a trade that is looking at Dow Jones index to go down and Dow Jones index did go down after we traded it and we profited from the index going down. (you can scroll down and find our post)

And if we were to just take Dow Jones as an example to compare between the trader and the buy and hold investor.

As traders, (1) we traded down and profited and (2)we are out of this trade, which means our funds are not locked in from the trade anymore so that we can almost immediately utilize the same set of funds to take advantage on other profit opportunities on the markets whenever it arises.

Buy and hold or long term investor will not be able to do this because (1) they buy and hold and the Dow Jones going down means they have to hold on to losses.

(2) Buy and hold investor because they are still in their investment, means their funds are locked in and if other profit opportunities arises, they either have to make more funds available to take advantage of those opportunities that arise or forgo those opportunities.

(3)And the fact that any markets in the world will always have times where it goes up and times where it goes down means that…

Buy and hold will be profitable when the market goes up but not so when it comes down.

Trading is different in the sense that when market goes up, you can trade up to profit.

And when markets goes down, you can trade down to profit as well.

More opportunities for profits for traders than compared with buy and hold investors.

And because we traders can trade bi-directional, the opportunities for profit almost doubled.

Therefore it is possible for a trader to grow their wealth double quick time compared with a buy and hold investor.

So the thing is this. And this is true as well.

The opportunity for loss is also double for traders.

And this is especially true for traders who do not have a proven and tested strategy that works.

In fact without a proven and tested strategy, the end result most likely for trading any instrument (be it options, stocks, forex or even indexes and commodities) will be overall loss.

Or what I called financial suicide on your money.

This is why we at Online Guru Trader have been trying to help the community in terms of that ONE trading strategy for success.

Using our strategy, we’ve been able to reaped in consistent overall profits year after year since 2012

And as you can see, our profits this year are already over 15% on our money. (please scroll down to view the screen shot of our profits).

Our money is surely working real hard for us. (much better than putting it in the bank or any funds if you ask us)

We are killing it regardless the market is going up or down this year.

We really like to help you get it as well.

So join our community by signing up for free by clicking on our sign up button on our page, and we will be sending you some FREE TRAINING on what and how to have consistent trading profits for success.

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And in case if you are wondering if there is any catch!

There isn’t and here’s why!

It’s our way of saying thank you for being a loyal supporter of our business page so far.

Because (unlike other “guru’s”) we don’t make all of our money teaching others how to make money from trading (we actually trade with real money on the various markets from options, stocks, forex and more)… so because of that, it doesn’t hurt us to share with you our best stuff.

And if we get one of our products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, hopefully it should get you excited to buy other stuff from us in the future.

And we’re kinda a show off… we’re not going to lie. We’re sick of people throwing out numbers and stats without any real proof to back it up. We think 99% of what is said on trading is complete BS… so we thought it would be a breath of fresh air to start sharing the TRUTH, show the actual stats and #’s behind what we trade, and well… honestly, we just want you to think we’re cool. 

Lastly, we want you join us to start taking money from the markets as well because we can’t take it all. (there is more than enough to share around)

Remember, whether or not, you are an aspiring trader, investor, beginner or experienced, here’s one main key that you need to have for success to follow and it’s…

Never Give Up!

You may be just one step away from the finishing line.

Or like what we like to say…

You are ONE strategy away from trading success!

See you and we’ll talk more after you’ve signed up.

Apr 26

For those in Sirix and copied me

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Just want to say sorry to those who copied me in Sirix platform.

I did not live up to expectations.

The best I did was to reaped in 26% return on capital in about 4 months from 3rd June to 4th October last year when I was very active and focus trading this account.

After that, I had a draw-down of about 12% and may have cost some of you copiers out there to lose some money.

This is because I lost focus due to the many other accounts (options, futures, stocks, CFDs, forex) that I’ve to trade and results suffered.

I know this is not an excuse even though I ended the year with only 14% returns on capital. (well below expectations even on my standards)

And I am truly sorry to those who copied me when I was having the 12% draw-down.

So I will be doubling my efforts to trade this account from now till it reflects a 30% return on capital to ensure everyone who has copied me made money.

Now it’s at about 20% so its just another 10% more to 30%.

After that happens, I’ll be sure that everyone who copied me even those who copied me during my draw-down would have made some money.

From then on, I will close this account to focus on trading of my other accounts and my trade alerts service. (it’ll be announced here when it happens so stay tuned)

Lastly, to my copiers who are my loyal supporters as well,

Thanks for staying on even when I had the draw-down and believing in me. For that, I’ll not let you guys down.

So 20% to 30%, here we come and together we shall get… 

Apr 21

Profits in terms of percentage is the same

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Our trade alerts account only reaped in $900 plus in 4 months as posted in our previous post.

It also reaped in over 10% return on capital in 4 months.

We used a small account for our trade alerts service to show that anyone can profit and get over 10% return on capital in 4 months regardless of their capital amount or account sizes.

So if you have a bigger account, you STILL get over 10% return on capital but your profit amount in dollar terms will be different.

Percentage wise is the same but amount wise in terms of dollar terms will be different due to different amount of capital used.

Here’s a screenshot of another account of ours following our trade alert service to trade reaping in over 10% return on capital and a overall profit amount of more than $6000.

Click on the sign up button on our page now to get started.

Apr 20

Made a winning trade this week

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Made a winning trade for my trade alerts community members this week.

Was able to not just cover the losses last week but STILL be overall profitable!

For those on the sidelines or want to become a more profitable trader in 90 days or less

Please join our group at to find out more.

Lastly, congrats to all our loyal and supportive members since the start of the year.

We are happy that our trade alerts is up over 10% return on capital and that it helped you to achieve the same.

We are glad to be part of your trading success and overall consistent profitability.

Standby for our next trade…

Apr 16

How anyone can scale to bigger profits

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

For those who are wondering if my trade alerts works for much bigger accounts, then check out my screenshot of another account of trades following my trade alerts.

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, did a lost this week.

But as you can see, just factoring the most recent 2 winning trades were able to take in all the losses for the year and still post a overall profit.

Check out my previous post if you want to learn how I kept my losses so small that a couple of winning trades can wipe out all all my losses and still post a overall profit.


Apr 15

I made a losing trade this week

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

I made a losing trade this week for my Trade Alerts 2.0 service.

Before you click on my screenshot to take a look, I have this story to share with you.

A guy walk up to me this week and told me he registered for my talk 3 years ago but didn’t managed to attend it back then.

We had a short chat and we came to the topic of trading.

He then said he don’t put stop losses because the markets always hit his stop loss orders.

So it is better not to have them (the stop loss orders)

So for all of you reading out there whether you are my student, or a aspiring trader

If you look at my screenshot of results for my trade alerts,

my 2 most recent winning trades would have brought my account to be overall profitable even if I factor in only this 2 winning trades and all 5 losing trades I made this year.

2/7 win rate or 28% win rate is still possible to be overall profitable because I keep my winners and cut my losers.

If you don’t put stop loss, you’ll always tend to lost more than you planned or hope for when markets go against you.

Not having stop losses in place is like not having a safety net below you while walking on the high wire in the circus.

If you want to be successful in trading, put that safety net, put that stop loss, even if it hits many times.

Always keep your winners and cut your losers.

May the market be with you always.


Apr 07

Shouted out on my facebook page to short US market yesterday

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Just for yesterday Friday alone, that one day of trading, I was pretty sure that the US stock market was going down.

Not because of non-farm payroll or any news for that matter.

But because the technicals, shows that it was very bearish and I was just looking for opportunity to get in to short regardless of the news or any news.

I even stated my view on my facebook page very clearly.

Market then opened for trading and the Dow Jones went up (I was watching Dow Jones Index at that time)

I applied my TTW strategy, used the tick charts, and got an entry to short with a tight stop loss as usual.

The rest is history. Profits of over US$1000 in less than 2 hours.

Check out the screenshot that I took before I got out of that trade with profits.