For those in Sirix and copied me

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Apr 26

Just want to say sorry to those who copied me in Sirix platform.

I did not live up to expectations.

The best I did was to reaped in 26% return on capital in about 4 months from 3rd June to 4th October last year when I was very active and focus trading this account.

After that, I had a draw-down of about 12% and may have cost some of you copiers out there to lose some money.

This is because I lost focus due to the many other accounts (options, futures, stocks, CFDs, forex) that I’ve to trade and results suffered.

I know this is not an excuse even though I ended the year with only 14% returns on capital. (well below expectations even on my standards)

And I am truly sorry to those who copied me when I was having the 12% draw-down.

So I will be doubling my efforts to trade this account from now till it reflects a 30% return on capital to ensure everyone who has copied me made money.

Now it’s at about 20% so its just another 10% more to 30%.

After that happens, I’ll be sure that everyone who copied me even those who copied me during my draw-down would have made some money.

From then on, I will close this account to focus on trading of my other accounts and my trade alerts service. (it’ll be announced here when it happens so stay tuned)

Lastly, to my copiers who are my loyal supporters as well,

Thanks for staying on even when I had the draw-down and believing in me. For that, I’ll not let you guys down.

So 20% to 30%, here we come and together we shall get… 

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