Monthly Archives: March 2019

Mar 27

Accepted invitation for Traders Fair Malaysia

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Decided to accept the invitation to speak in Traders Fair Malaysia happening this April 27.

Excited to be  revealing some trading secrets that most traders out there do not know about.

This is going to enable those who attend to be more profitable in their trading.

You will want to be there to discover this for yourself.

Mar 04

Market Forecast Update

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Just want to congratulate 👏 those who have seen 👀my previous market forecast post on the 15th of Feb and taken action to profit from it.

According to my bearish market forecast post on gold here on the 15th February, gold has since went up 👆before going back down 👇to touch below 1300. And since it has gone down below 1300, my gold forecast on the 15th Feb has already run its course. I am still bearish on the metal though gold may have a bounce up 👆due to the fact that it was sold down quite strongly.

And since my bullish post here on the 15th Feb, crude oil has since reach a new high of 57.88 and I expect it to have some sideway movements from here on.

I was wrong on Dow Jones index forecast on the 15th Feb as the market continued to move up but I still expect the US stock market to have a minor correction soon this month like what I posted on the 15th Feb.

To all those reading this, all the best to your trading and may profits always come your way. 🙂