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Sep 18

This is a video to do well in life but especially also to do well in trading

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Many traders don’t understand that how and why their psychology affects their trading. Trading involves stress because trading can results in financial gain and loss sometimes in a matter of seconds.

When there is too much stress, it affects a person’s ability to make better decisions. And when a person can’t make better decisions in their trading, naturally they make losses in their trading.

And because of that, a good way to deal with the stress is gratitude. With gratitude, stress can be overcome and decision making in trading will be better. And because your decision making is better, you tend to make better trades and eventually results in overall profitability.

In short, when you are in a state of gratitude, your psychology is better, your trading is better.

If your gratitude is real and not faking it, naturally you start to win more in your winning trades, lose less when you are wrong and in a losing trades.

Overall, over time, you’ll start to see your capital grow bigger and your wealth grow consistently.

There’s a reason why I always preach about gratitude. It’s the key to success in almost all areas of life that I know of regardless whether it is for trading or not.

Gratitude is the key to having good psychology for trading and also for trading success. Watch the video to truly understand this.

And I quote William Arthur Ward words, “feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and and not giving it” and John F. Kennedy words, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest level of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”.

And I try to live by them. I feel stronger sense of gratitude when I show my gratitude in actions than in words. And its more real to me too. Don’t take my word for what I said. Try it and you can see your trading improve.

May 18

US$625 profit in less than an hour

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I was outside meeting with my friends. We were just hanging out and chatting. Then a topic which I totally don’t relate drags on and on so I decided to take out my laptop just to watch the market on the background while I listen to my friends talk about this topic. Then I saw a potential trade setup. And since I was outside, I decided to just do a small trade risking slightly more than US$100. The screenshot below tells what happened after that.

es trade 18 may2

So I took over US$600 in less than an hour and over 400% profit based on my risk. Looks like supper is on me. Back to my friends now. Finally they change topic.

May 16

US Market outlook 16/05/2016

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From what I see on the e-mini S&P index futures, there are two likely scenarios that will happen but overall, both scenarios will likely point to a downward move. Therefore I am more slightly bearish at the markets at the moment.

The first scenario is that the index will stage a temporary upward move for the next few days due to the short term mood of the market being bullish. If it happens, it will try to test the immediate resistance level of 2105.25. If it breaks through that level then it may be a signal for it to move up further. However, I will look at it again if it happens to see if the short term mood is still bullish. I personally feel that it will not break through this resistance level (though it may test this level) due to the longer term mood of the market being bearish. So the likely scenario is that it may move up slightly and even test the resistance level but not break it and start to continue it’s downward move from then on and go towards testing the immediate support level of 2030.50. If it break through that, then there may be a chance that it will go toward testing the strong support set on 11th of february 2016 at 1802.50. I will analyse this here again when it happens.

The next scenario is that the index will continue to trend down from here (without even going up for the next few days) due to the longer term bearish mood of the market. And if it breaks through the immediate support level of 2030.50, it may move down even more to test the strong support that I mentioned earlier at 1802.50. The move to test 1802.50 if it happens, may take a month or two to materialise and in between this period, there may be short upward move as well.

Because of my view of how the two likely scenarios will map out (both scenarios to move down eventually), I am slightly bearish but personally for the immediate few days to a couple of weeks, I feel the markets will be more sideways due to the conflicting short term bullish and longer term bearish mood.

The e-mini S&P index futures as of last Friday close was 2042.50. I will update my outlook again on this blog after I see how the index moves from here and how the technicals reacts to the move.