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Jan 28

OGT Market Outlook 2015

By Online Guru Trader | News

My market outlook for this year will be on a few areas. The first I will touch on is the forex markets. The first half of the year will see major currencies correcting for their current trend. Example, USD is now on a trend of strengthening and so during the first half of the year we will see a short term weakening of the USD before resuming of its trend of strengthening for the rest of the year. Other major currencies will be the same. The correction should be around 300 to 500 pips. The best currency to hold is still the USD since its longer term trend is to strengthen. It will followed by GBP and JPY. The worst currency to hold I suspect will be CAD.
The local stock market of Singapore should see bullish mood for the first half of the year and may very likely end the year in a bullish note. The STI may end the year above 3500. However, real estate related stocks that deal with Singapore residential properties should not do too well. The residential property market should continue to see prices slide down.
The US stock market will most likely see its peak this year. It may break a few more highs but from there on, it may start to trend sideways or down slightly.
For long term investing, I foresee gold to trend higher for one to 3 years so it good to hold onto gold. My target for gold will be 1600 within 3 years. This is also my best pick for this year.
Please take note that all the above are just my opinion for the whole year so it should not be taken as an advice to trade, especially for short term traders.

Jan 20

Trade To Win January 2015 Jakarta Indonesia

By Online Guru Trader | Blog , Gallery

Went to Jakarta to share my trading expertise to new OGT students there. I have never been to Jakarta before, this is the first time I am there to share my trading expertise in a course. Everyone was so hungry and eager to learn the right way to trade for consistent income from trading. This is fuel to my passion to share and to help more people out there. Gallery Photos of Online Guru Trader’s Trade To Win course January 2015 Jakarta Indonesia. Please click on the photos to enlarge for better viewing.

Jan 15

300 Seminar attendees in Ho Chi Minh

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I was in Ho Chi Minh to host my first ever preview seminar in Vietnam. I am very grateful to the organizers for bringing me over to Vietnam to share my trading experience and knowledge. The crowd was great and they were so hungry for success. I am sure they benefit a lot from my sharing. I wish and hope those who attended my seminar will start to figure out and find the correct way to trade the financial markets for consistent income.

Jan 03

Being safe with the financial markets

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Most investors and traders I have met so far told me that investing and trading the financial markets are risky. The main reason for this is that they do not know what happens into the future regarding their trades or investments. They do not know the unknown (the risks involved) and that is the main reason for them feeling it’s risky. My advice to this group of investors and traders is to stop investing and trading immediately and educate themselves further to the point they know what to expect into the future, before they start to invest and trade again.

I know what to expect into the future whenever I enter into a trade. I do know the unknown and that’s why I feel it’s safe to trade. There is still some risk involved but it is calculated risk. Calculated risk to the point I feel it is safe. To understand this, let me quote you an example. Take skydiving for an example. If you never skydive in your life before, you will feel it to be risky to skydive. But if you attend a skydive course and learn the steps, techniques, procedures and the risk of mishaps happening and how to react and resolve the mishaps in midair if they do happen. You would have known the unknown and would feel safe enough and confident to do it. It’s the same in driving as well. Drivers feel it is safe enough for them to take the wheels because they know of the unknown and the risk of mishaps and how to react to them if such mishaps do happen.

In trading, I feel it is safe enough and I know the unknown to trade. Here is what I mean. Whenever I go into a trade, I know the few scenarios that will happen and how to react to them into the future. There is only 3 main scenarios that will happen. Either the price will go sideways, up or down. I put a stop loss level which if the price reaches my stop loss level, I will exit the trade with the losses. In this way, I already know beforehand how much I am going to lose. And I make sure the amount I am going to lose is an amount I can afford to lose. This amount is an amount which I don’t feel a pinch or heartache even if I lose it. I have a target level to take profit as well. If price reaches that level, I will exit the trade with the profits. If it goes sideways, I may hold the trade longer or I may exit the trade with no or slight losses or profits.

Like I said earlier, some investors and traders don’t do this and they experienced losses that they do not expect of. That is the main reason for them thinking investing and trading is risky. And it is due to ignorance, lack of knowledge and mainly not knowing the unknown (the risk involved). Knowing the unknown or risk involved can be achieved simply by implementing and doing up a trading or investment plan. With a trading/investment plan, one will be able to know how much he is risking and to consider if that amount is an amount he or she is comfortable with. The mindset of being safe is important to trading and also important to every venture we engage ourselves into, through life itself. To learn more about the mindsets and psychology you need for trading, register and attend my last few free seminars for the year at

Jan 03

OGT trade alerts clocked in 54% returns on capital for 2014

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Hi fellow traders, Happy New Year to you. Hope you enjoyed the festive season. We are about to get started trading for the year 2015 soon but before we do that, we thought it might be good to update you that based on OGT trade alert service, OGT made a total return of US$5436.18 for the year of 2014. That’s over 54% returns with a starting capital of $10000. Full year results are being updated. A picture speaks a thousand words. See for yourself OGT results as we screen capture it for you to view. Verify Online Guru Trader’s real results by clicking here now. All results are tabulated into a trade history table for ease of viewing and you can view that trade history table by clicking here now. Sign up for our limited free seminar NOW to find out and learn how we did it by clicking here now.