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May 18

US$625 profit in less than an hour

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I was outside meeting with my friends. We were just hanging out and chatting. Then a topic which I totally don’t relate drags on and on so I decided to take out my laptop just to watch the market on the background while I listen to my friends talk about this topic. Then I saw a potential trade setup. And since I was outside, I decided to just do a small trade risking slightly more than US$100. The screenshot below tells what happened after that.

es trade 18 may2

So I took over US$600 in less than an hour and over 400% profit based on my risk. Looks like supper is on me. Back to my friends now. Finally they change topic.

Aug 25

Student traded and made over 300%

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This is what one of my student said on my student’s smartphone chat group yesterday on 24th August 2015, who shorted Philip Morris International (PM) based on my trade alerts sent out real-time on 28th July 2015. Some people even said yesterday was black monday with the dow jones going down by 1000 points. It was certainly not a black monday for my students yesterday on 24th August 2015. In fact, most of us made over 300% return because of the downward move. Knowing the correct way to trade is the key to profit from any market conditions.
Tina makes 300percent  on PM_hightlight

Aug 18

Profits of US$462.50 after 30 minutes of trade entry

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Below is a screen capture from one of my student who only trades Futures. He posted this screen capture into my private student’s smartphone chat group yesterday on 17th August after I mentioned to the group that I see the S&P Futures going up for the day and he traded it. I was very happy for him as that one trade only lasted around 30 minutes and he made US$462.50 in that one trade.
student traded ES futures

Jul 22

Trade To Win July 2015 Penang Malaysia

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Last weekend was Trade To Win Intensive in Penang Malaysia. It was held on 18th and 19th July. The group was mainly consist of experienced traders. Most of them have been trading for some time before attending OGT Trade To Win Intensive. Lots of questions was asked by them and answered promptly. I believe the course made them a better trader and improve their trading skills and techniques. I like to thank everyone for attending and I am honored to be able to share with them OGT methodology. Special thanks goes to June for arranging the event. Without her, the event won’t have been possible. I like to also thank Adrian who is in charge of his group of traders for attending together with his group of traders. All the best and I wish everyone forever lasting consistent returns through trading the financial markets.

Jul 13

Trade with an edge through Options July 2015

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Held the first options course in Ho Chi Minh on 4th and 5th July. Some has already attended other options courses before while majority was new to options. I was there to share how to trade options the right way.

Jun 10

Trade To Win May 2015 Thailand

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This batch of new students are mostly totally new to investing and trading the financial markets. It was much better as they come in with an empty glass, ready to be filled up with the knowledge, techniques and skills of OGT methodology.

May 25

Trade To Win May 2015 Singapore

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Yesterday was the 2nd day of the 2 day Trade To Win Intensive in Singapore. This course held on 23rd and 24th of May was great. The students ask a lot of questions and I believe they are eager to learn to trade correctly for consistent trading income. This group consist of mostly beginners and have never invested or traded the financial markets before. The start of their journey begins here and my support for them will be ongoing to ensure they succeed. Mr Ong from my previous batch re-attended and brought his two family members to attend as new students. I am very grateful and touched by that. Thank you Mr Ong. It gives affirmations to show that what I am sharing and doing right now is really helping people improve their financial lives and personal lives as well. Below are some of the photos taken during the 2 days.

I can’t wait to get started with another new batch of students in Bangkok, Thailand this coming weekend. New students from Thailand, see you this coming saturday and sunday for a mind-blowing, life-changing Trade To Win Intensive.

May 22

Trade To Win May 2015 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Last weekend (16th and 17th May), I flew over to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to do a private session with a group of new students. I don’t speak Vietnamese and so we needed a translator to translate throughout the 2 full days course. Love sharing my 18 years of trading experience with them. And despite the language barrier, with the translation going through to their headset, everyone was so hungry to learn and succeed in trading to start generating wealth and freedom for themselves. Really inspiring for me. The sharing was definitely two ways as I benefited from their high spirits and eagerness to learn and succeed as well. Please feel free to check out the photos taken during the 2 days.

Preparing for this coming weekend’s Trade To Win Intensive in Singapore. I can’t wait to meet and share my expertise with the new batch of students. Heard that one of my previous students even brought his family members to attend as new students. I am very touched and grateful when I heard this. I will make sure they all get more than they came for.

May 04

More than US$1000 profits overnight again

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The same student from Vietnam send me this screen capture 2 days after he sent me one screen capture on 28th April that he made US$1000. This time he made more than US$1000 overnight. I am glad and happy for him that almost every other day that he is making good amount of profits from trading the markets using what he has learnt from me. Users here can scroll down 2 posts from this post to see his previous screen capture on this blog or click here to view it.
profits on 30thApril

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