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Jul 15

The best financial advice I’ve ever received

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I am happy and honored to be ask by Karen Foo to reveal what was the best financial advice I’ve ever received so that it can be shared to benefit others. And Karen did not stop there, she went on to get another 29 financial experts to share their best advice they have ever received as well. Very grateful and may blessing be with her for her selfless deed. Below is the link to the article she wrote publishing my advice including the other 29 expert’s advice as well. I am sure you will benefit from it even if you are not into trading or investing in the financial markets. So please feel free to read it @


Apr 10

2nd & 4th placed in World Cup Championship of Forex Trading as of 8th April

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This competition is open to everyone as long as they open a real money trading account to join the competition. I joined and started trading at the end of February. Till now after 5 weeks of trading, I have catch up with the rest and is in 2nd position. Check out the latest standings by clicking on the link @
Below is the screen capture of the standings as of 8th April
As you can see, my student since 2013 (now a very good friend of mine and turned full-time trader), Mr Dusadee, is in 4th position as of 8th April. When Mr Dusadee attended my seminar in 2013, he was a total newbie and beginner to investing and trading the financial markets. Both of us are now using OGT methodology to trade safely for consistent results. Those who wishes to find out more about OGT methodology, how to trade safely to achieve consistent results, feel free to register to attend my free preview seminars by clicking here at