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Sep 22

Trade To Win August 2014 Singapore

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My 2nd and last course for the year in Singapore. Looking forward to their trading results after this course. Gallery Photos of Online Guru Trader’s Trade To Win course August 2014 Singapore. Please click on the photos to enlarge for better viewing.

Sep 02

Going from cheap to cheaper with discount retailer Target corp

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Trade on TGT 2september2014
One of the largest discount retailer, Target Corp. (TGT) is in downtrend mode as indicated in the moving averages. Another round of selling may be in the books after it failed in it’s attempt to break the previous high of $61.63 established at the end of July. Traders should set their entry price to short-sell at the previous closing price at $60.07 or higher. Stop loss level to be set $61.64. Profit target level can be at $55.15 but be sure to take some partial profits off the table when the price goes in favor of the trade to around $57.00. Read about this article on SharesInv

Sep 01

OGT trade alerts resulted in 5th consecutive profitable months

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Hi fellow traders, OGT made a total profit of US$6067.00 for the past 5 months ending August 2014. That’s over 60% returns in just 5 months with a starting capital of $10000. August profitable results are being updated. A picture speaks a thousand words. See for yourself OGT results as we screen capture it for you to view. Verify Online Guru Trader’s real results by clicking here now. All results are tabulated into a trade history table for ease of viewing and you can view that trade history table by clicking here now. Sign up for our free seminar next year to find out and learn how we did it by clicking here now.