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Apr 05

You can scale up easily with my trade alerts just like me

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

I do follow my own trade alerts that I sent out to my members.

And anyone that follows my trade alerts know that the numbers on my trade alerts are small.

I did that on purpose because I wanted as many as possible to be able to take advantage of my trade alerts.

Not just those with big pockets but also those who wants to start small.

Those who start small will find that my trade alerts’ trade size is small enough for them to follow.

Those who want to trade big or scale up, can do it as well, just like me.

Here’s a screenshot I took before I got out of the trade on my own trade alert.

Apr 05

Results of my trade alert sent out yesterday

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

So I send out a trade alert to my members yesterday night for a trade on USDJPY.

And this morning I got out of the trade and send out another trade alert to inform them.

Raked in profits of close to 1:3 risk to reward.

Congrats to all my members!

Seems like my trades on USDJPY this year is pretty good.

Win rate is 4/5.

This is a screenshot before I close the trade.