Main difference between an investor and a trader

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Apr 30

The major difference between a buy and hold investor and a trader.

For those who do not know, the previous 2-3 posts before this, on the screenshot of our latest trade on wall street is a trade that is looking at Dow Jones index to go down and Dow Jones index did go down after we traded it and we profited from the index going down. (you can scroll down and find our post)

And if we were to just take Dow Jones as an example to compare between the trader and the buy and hold investor.

As traders, (1) we traded down and profited and (2)we are out of this trade, which means our funds are not locked in from the trade anymore so that we can almost immediately utilize the same set of funds to take advantage on other profit opportunities on the markets whenever it arises.

Buy and hold or long term investor will not be able to do this because (1) they buy and hold and the Dow Jones going down means they have to hold on to losses.

(2) Buy and hold investor because they are still in their investment, means their funds are locked in and if other profit opportunities arises, they either have to make more funds available to take advantage of those opportunities that arise or forgo those opportunities.

(3)And the fact that any markets in the world will always have times where it goes up and times where it goes down means that…

Buy and hold will be profitable when the market goes up but not so when it comes down.

Trading is different in the sense that when market goes up, you can trade up to profit.

And when markets goes down, you can trade down to profit as well.

More opportunities for profits for traders than compared with buy and hold investors.

And because we traders can trade bi-directional, the opportunities for profit almost doubled.

Therefore it is possible for a trader to grow their wealth double quick time compared with a buy and hold investor.

So the thing is this. And this is true as well.

The opportunity for loss is also double for traders.

And this is especially true for traders who do not have a proven and tested strategy that works.

In fact without a proven and tested strategy, the end result most likely for trading any instrument (be it options, stocks, forex or even indexes and commodities) will be overall loss.

Or what I called financial suicide on your money.

This is why we at Online Guru Trader have been trying to help the community in terms of that ONE trading strategy for success.

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We really like to help you get it as well.

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