Just ended the OGT 2 day Trade To Win Intensive

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Aug 06

We ended our 2 days Trade To Win Intensive yesterday.

And I am very appreciative and honored that my past student asked his elder brother to join this one.

To me, something has to be really good for someone to recommend it to their love ones.

He is not the first to recommend my program to his love ones, and I am sure he won’t be the last.

Coming back to the workshop, very happy to see all our students getting the techniques of trade to win strategy.

Their trading journey has just began and I’ll be there together with them whenever they need help.

With so many support channels like my offline meetups, online tutorial, online training videos, online monthly webinars, phone and email, facebook group, I am sure they will be better and be a more successful traders in time to come.

The real work starts now. Excited to get to work with them.

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