Did you trade the UK Election? 13/05/2017

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Jun 13

So quite a few people ask me whether did me or my private community of traders traded on the news of the recent UK election.

I actually don’t bother much about the news but we did go in to trade on EURGBP more than a month before the election. Now we are totally out of the trade with profits on that one single trade of over 400 pips. The election just allowed us to go into much deeper profits as the attached screenshots shows.

The thing is this. We traded on the 19 April 2017 way before the news were announced in June 2017. The same thing happened for BREXIT almost exactly one year ago when we traded GBPUSD roughly three weeks before the the referendum and voting was held. That trade was massively profitable for us too after the news of the voting was announced.

The reason for all this, is by using and applying our time-tested and proven trading strategy/system, which we call Trade To Win trading system. A system, a measuring mechanism to measure the overall market crowd’s fear and greed to a high accuracy using our unique way of technical analysis.

When you can determine the overall market crowd’s fear and greed to a high accuracy using a measuring mechanism, a system, then you do not need to follow or trade the news or even be bothered about it. Because naturally most of the times than not, you will trade the news before it happens.

Here’s something extra for all to learn.
Always have a system
Always have an unfair advantage in your system
Make sure your system is time-tested and proven over time to work.
eurgbp strategic weekly 19april 2017 chart_1

eurgbp strategic weekly 19april 2017_1

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