Here’s the 2 best takeaway from my market outlook 2019

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Jan 10

As you can see in my previous 2 post that shows my forecast has already run it’s course though it was accurate.

And as I just did my market outlook for 2019 with my students this week.

I thought it would be beneficial to share with you the 2 best takeaways of what I shared with my private students.

So if you would like to know then read on…

Crude oil is going to go up from current price of around $50 to around $55 to $60. And it is happening now as we speak.

If you know a little bit about trading and investing you will know what to do to benefit from this.

If not, you can trade short term using CFDs along it’s move up, or trade the crude oil ETFs which you can easily google for it since there are quite a few.

The next take away I want you to have and I am excited about this personal view of mine is because finally this is going to move instead of going sideways for years.

And it is….

The Singapore stock market is going to rally up from here as we speak.

I am starting to turn bullish and the technical charts are finally showing that a rally may be in the books for Singapore stock market

I don’t know about you but I am going to buy the blue chips stocks that make up the Straits Time Index.

Stocks like singtel, capitaland, OCBC, UOB, etc…

More advance traders may want to trade the index and its entirely up to you.

The views above is my own views so please do your own due diligence.

And before I go, I just want to say thanks for dropping by and I will try to bring in more good stuffs here for you.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead with massive profits.

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