Trade Alerts 2.0 has a good start this year

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Mar 21

Due to my commitment to travel around the region to mentor and coach aspiring traders on the ways of successful profitable trading, I stopped Trade Alerts 1.0 and started to revamp my operations to help me reach out to more traders who need help. This took 2 years of revamp. As of 2018, I am happen to announced that Trade Alerts 2.0 is officially soft launched and this time for the soft launch, it is available to my students and my previous trade alerts members. Don’t worry, it’ll be available to the public tomorrow. Here are the screen shot of the results (profit and loss) based on what we send out in our Trade Alerts 2.0. Roughly about 10% return on capital for an account of US$7,000. And in less than 3 months. I would say it’s a pretty good start. Do check out my main page to get in on the action tomorrow and get my trades setup and trade details send to you to your phone when I trade them. 

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