Trade To Win May 2015 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

May 22

Last weekend (16th and 17th May), I flew over to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to do a private session with a group of new students. I don’t speak Vietnamese and so we needed a translator to translate throughout the 2 full days course. Love sharing my 18 years of trading experience with them. And despite the language barrier, with the translation going through to their headset, everyone was so hungry to learn and succeed in trading to start generating wealth and freedom for themselves. Really inspiring for me. The sharing was definitely two ways as I benefited from their high spirits and eagerness to learn and succeed as well. Please feel free to check out the photos taken during the 2 days.

Preparing for this coming weekend’s Trade To Win Intensive in Singapore. I can’t wait to meet and share my expertise with the new batch of students. Heard that one of my previous students even brought his family members to attend as new students. I am very touched and grateful when I heard this. I will make sure they all get more than they came for.

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