US stocks to monitor for trade 27/06/2016

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Jun 27

Since my previous post on stocks to monitor on 13/06/2016, most of the stocks have went down and went into profit. I hope those who followed my previous post have benefited. I did not post any long trades on 13/06/2016 because the way I look at the charts, it shows much bearishness in the markets. For me, Brexit was much expected by analysing the technicals. That’s why I posted on 23/06/2016 (almost 20 hours before news of results of referendum was out that started to moved markets down) that I was still bearish with the markets. Going forward, here are the stocks I am looking to trade and hope you will benefit from it.

For long trades, here are the stocks I am looking at.
Kroger Company (KR)
Phillips 66 (PSX)

For short trades, please follow my post on 13/06/2016 as there isn’t any new ones to add to that list.

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