How I use Trade Alerts 2.0 to make more than $5,000 in less than 3 months

By Online Guru Trader | Blog

Mar 22

Apart from using a small account of US$7,000 to trade and send out my trade alerts, I also use my trade alerts’ signal details to trade my own personal accounts. I would say my trade alerts helped me to scale up my profits if I want to. Like I share in my earlier post through my screenshot of my trade alerts results, it’s already about 10% return on capital. Using a bigger account of around US$40,000, I am able to follow my trade alerts and scale my profits up. Below is the screen shot of my trades and results following my trade alerts’ signals. As you can see, the results are about 10% return on capital too. Just slightly over US$5,000. The trades are all done after I received my own trade alerts on my personal phone. “Yes”, I am consider a subscriber and member to my own trade alerts 2.0 service. So now you know I placed my  Trade Alerts 2.0 service first before my own personal trading. I get in to trade my personal account only after I traded the trade alerts account and only after I send out the trades as trade alerts to members. If you are a member then you know that you’ll be trading your personal account about the same time I trade my personal account as we will be receiving the trade alerts’ signals about the same time.  

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