Apr 22

Trade To Win course March 2013 Singapore

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The first ever OGT Trade To Win course in Singapore. I will always remember this. Hope years from now, this batch of students are still in touch with me. Gallery Photos of Online Guru Trader’s Trade To Win course in Singapore March 2013. Please click on the photos to enlarge for better viewing.

Apr 21

OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 4)

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OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 4)
Dated 20th April 2013
As featured in Shares Investment

In this issue, we will be giving a short update and forecast on the S&P and what to expect going into the 2nd & 3rd quarter of the year based on what we see in our technical analysis.

Major economies in the world, mainly Japan, Europe as a whole and U.S. are inflating their economies. By printing money and injecting the money into the economy, some of the money goes into the stock market. Therefore, expect the stock market in their region to go up. But beware of corrections along the way even though the trend is up. Let’s take a closer look at U.S. in detail first.

The major indexes in the U.S. markets have broken all time high recently and it will continue to break all time high for the next 6 months though corrections along the way is possible. Why? The answer is simple. The U.S. is printing money non-stop. All the money printing is used to inflate the economy. The extra money from the money printing is used to inflate the stock market as well. Investors should always look to stay long. The strategy is to buy low and sell high or buy high and sell higher. This is because in a bullish market like this, up to 60% to 80% of companies listed in the stock exchange will see their share prices go up. Going short against such a trend makes the investing game tougher for investors and traders alike.

Our view for next week and the weeks ahead based on our technical analysis is that the S&P index is showing weakness and may break below last week’s low of around 1536. If the S&P breaks below 1536, a correction is likely in place. Traders should therefore look to short the index (through CFDs or the e-mini futures), close off some long positions and even look to go into some short positions. However if this coming week, the index does not break below 1536, there is a chance it may go on to break above the all-time high of around 1597. In this case, investors should still look to hold on to their long positions and even add to their long positions. For counters to go long, investors can look for a short upward movement in counters like Aflac Inc (AFL), Chico’s Fas Inc (CHS), Foot Locker Inc (FL), Lennar Corp (LEN) and Urban Outfitters Inc (URBN). For counters to go short, investors can look to go short on Csx Corp (CSX), E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co (DD) and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)

As for the Japanese stock market, the same can be said and investor should also look to stay long by buying stock. However, investors should also look to go with the flow of the weakening yen due to the weakening of the yen by the Japanese government. Forex traders should look to long currency pairs like USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY. But beware of corrections along the way as it is almost due.

The same cannot be said for Europe as the individual countries in Europe are in different stages of economic trouble and because they are near to each other, somehow, one will affect another when in trouble. Help is always on the way through money printing, but as each country has their own agenda, the effect of the money printing will not be the same for them compare with Japan and U.S. Therefore for Europe, it will still be a bit mixed to slightly bullish in our view.

Coming back to the local stock market, property stock counters are set make a momentum upward move in the short term. Counters worth looking to go long for investors should be City Developments and Capitaland. Investors can look to start taking profits after City Developments goes near or above $12.00

On the forex markets, based on our analysis, AUD/USD is almost ready for a upward movement. Therefore traders should look for opportunities to long the currency pair. On the short side, traders should look into shorting the USD/CAD.

Nov 26

OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 3)

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OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 3)
Dated 26th November 2012

In this issue, we will be giving a short update and forecast on the S&P and what to expect going into the new year based on what we see in our technical analysis.

But first, let’s review what happened after we posted OGT newsletter issue no. 2. In our earlier newsletter issue 2(dated 13 October 2012) posted on S&P, we forecasted the S&P to go down. However, immediately after our post, the markets rallied on monday 15th October 2012 and eventually touched 1464 for the S&P. But from that point onwards, it was all the way down and the S&P touched a low of 1343 on 16th November 2012. The index at 1343 was quite closed to our forecasted target of 1325 in our previous newsletter post. Going short based on our recommendation would have yield quite a decent profit even at the point of our post on 13th October 2012. Traders who have taken the short trade should have taken profits near 1350.

The S&P has sinced rebounded upwards for the past week to reach above 1400. For the S&P looking ahead, it is very foggy going into the new year, if it breaks the high of last week at around 1409, traders should ensure to go into more long stock positions and even look to long the S&P. However, on the other hand, we suspect there is another leg down towards the new year or after the new year. If the S&P does not break through the high of around 1474 established on 14th September, a good trade will be to short near that resistance level for a good risk to reward ratio of at least 2 if not 3. But if the S&P break that resistance level, be sure to add to long positions. As it is not so clear now, we would maintain a cautious approach when its more clear going into the December month.

Last but not least, it’s free to subscribe to us to get free OGT trade alerts send to you through email and be updated of any new reports or newsletters being published. So subscribe to us now for free.

Oct 13

OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 2)

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OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 2)
Dated 13th October 2012

In this issue, we will be looking at some opportunities for trade since the markets are showing signs of being overbought even with QE3 in action.

But first, let’s review what happened after we posted OGT newsletter issue no. 1. True to our earlier newsletter post on S&P, the S&P went down below 1350 from 1369 and touch a low of 1266 on 4th of June 2012. Going short based on our recommendation would have yield quite a decent profit. The FTSE also broke through 5500 and even though it did not test 4900, it eventually touch a low of 5229 from 5655 which would have yield a decent profit from the trade as well. The Hang Seng Index also follow the above and went down as well during the same period. You can check out and read our full OGT newsletter issue no. 1 here.

Looking ahead, based on our technical analysis, the US markets are already in overbought situation and a correction is long overdue. The European markets overall are also in sync with the US markets showing signs of turning down as well. However, we always let the markets tell us that it is ready to correct and move down before we go in.

For the S&P, a correction will be confirmed with the index breaking through the low of last week of 1425. When that happens, we will be looking for more opportunities to sell short stocks and maybe even the index. However, if the index goes up and break the previous high of 1474, we will be looking to add to long positions. But right now it seems unlikely so we will take lesser positions on buying stocks to go up since we do not want to go against the trend too much. In fact, currently in our portfolio, we already have 4 stock positions on the short side and only 2 positions on the long side. Therefore the strategy ahead if correction is confirmed, will be to add to shorts and not to long positions. If the correction is in place, our target for the the S&P will be 1325 and it may even go lower which is hard to say for now till the markets tell us.

The European markets are almost in sync and same as the US markets particular the London FTSE and Paris CAC. Therefore, those who don’t trade the US markets can also look for shorting opportunities in shorting the markets discussed above.

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May 05

OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 1)

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OGT Newsletter (Issue No. 1)
Dated 5th May 2012

In this issue, we will be discussing on a couple of indices, a few currency pairs and lastly, half a dozen of US stocks.

The 2 indices in focus are FTSE 100 index listed in the London stock exchange and the Hang Sang index listed in Hong Kong. The 3 currency pairs in focus are CAD/JPY, CAD/USD and GBP/JPY. The 6 US stocks in focus to buy are CCMP (cabot microelectronics), INTL (international asset holding corp), LANC (lancaster colony corp), NATL (national interstate corp), SGA (saga communications), MCD (McDonalds Corp). The US stocks in focus to sell are BKD (brookdale senior living inc), DRIV (digital river inc).

As global markets are more or less affected by the US markets, we will also give an overall view and analysis of the US markets as a whole. Based on our technical analysis, the US markets are already in an uptrend correction and the next leg of correction is starting soon. And it is highly possible to happen on the week starting Monday 7th May 2012. The S&P may test the recent lows and resistance level of around 1350. And it is likely that it will be broken, to go down further. Traders looking to sell short the indices or e-mini S&P futures, should target a limit profit below this resistance level. However, if it does not break this resistance, traders should get out of the trade entirely and wait for other better trading opportunities.

The FTSE 100 is actually almost the same as the S&P as the FTSE do follow closely the movements of the US markets. However, there is a big difference between them based on technical analysis. Base on the charts, unlike the US markets which is in an uptrend correction phase, the FTSE is actually just starting to resume its long term downtrend after a downtrend correction. Therefore a word of caution is to never buy and go long on the FTSE (at least not for another quarter) till the long term trend changes. Based on our analysis, the FTSE will continue its downtrend and it may be a long leg this time. Our near term target will be around 5500 and eventually to test 4900.

We are of the view that the hang sang index is being over bought and indicators suggest this. Therefore, we will be looking for triggers and selling opportunities on the hang sang index or futures based on our OGT trading system. Technical analysis shows that it may still go up a little before the trigger comes. However, it may come without it moving further up as well. The trigger may not even come at all and the index may keep moving up. But we will be on the lookout for selling opportunities for this index or futures.

Next on focus are the 3 currency pairs CAD/JPY, CAD/USD and GBP/JPY. Recently, three of them have similar chart patterns and actions. All three indicate shorting opportunities. In fact, traders should already have been into short positions on these pairs this past week. We are of the view, based on the charts that the Japanese yen will strengthen further against major currencies. Based on the charts also, the pound looks likely to weaken further as well. Same goes for the Canadian dollar. We at OnlineGuruTrader.com (OGT in short), posted our trade alert based on our OGT trading system on GBP/JPY on 3rd may 2012 which is a couple of days earlier than today’s newsletter. You can check our post dated 3rd May 2012 on our homepage

Next on focus are the 6 US stocks to buy and they are CCMP (cabot microelectronics), INTL (international asset holding corp), LANC (lancaster colony corp), NATL (national interstate corp), SGA (saga communications), MCD (McDonalds Corp). Indicators show that CCMP may be too over sold and a rebound is very likely to happen so that it can resume it long term uptrend. Meaning, its correction is almost over. Moreover, if this does not happen, its long term uptrend will also be threatened. Therefore, there may be buying opportunity provided its recent low of 32.80 is not broken. Non traders can look to buy near that level to minimize losses. Traders as usual, please wait for triggers in your system before going in. The 4 stocks INTL, LANC, NATL and SGA show similar characteristics. All seems to be oversold and bottom out and ready to resume its uptrend. In fact, it may have already started. Therefore as traders, we will look and wait for pullbacks and follow our system to get into the trade if any. MCD has a strong long term uptrend. Recent correction and retracement provides trading opportunities for us to get into the trade. As long its recent low of 94.13 is not broken, traders should look for triggers to go in to go long. Due to the fact that our analysis of the US market as a whole is a bearish one, the above stocks to buy may take longer to yield profits or may even yield losses. This is because in an overall market that is bearish and when it’s underlying index is doing down, most of the time, more than 50% and up to 80%, sometimes even 90%, of the stocks in that market will go down.

And because of our analysis of the overall market as a whole, we prefer to short stocks. The US stocks in focus to sell are BKD (brookdale senior living inc), DRIV (digital river inc). Both BKD and DRIV are long term downtrend stocks. They have enjoyed a brief run of correction from their downtrend. And based on the charts, it shows that both of them are ready to resume their downtrend. In fact, DRIV is already being traded based on our OGT trading system on 16th April 2012. And it has returned profits of $604.00 after it hit profit target on 4th May 2012. You can check our post dated 16th April 2012 on our homepage

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