Mar 22

How I use Trade Alerts 2.0 to make more than $5,000 in less than 3 months

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Apart from using a small account of US$7,000 to trade and send out my trade alerts, I also use my trade alerts’ signal details to trade my own personal accounts. I would say my trade alerts helped me to scale up my profits if I want to. Like I share in my earlier post through my screenshot of my trade alerts results, it’s already about 10% return on capital. Using a bigger account of around US$40,000, I am able to follow my trade alerts and scale my profits up. Below is the screen shot of my trades and results following my trade alerts’ signals. As you can see, the results are about 10% return on capital too. Just slightly over US$5,000. The trades are all done after I received my own trade alerts on my personal phone. “Yes”, I am consider a subscriber and member to my own trade alerts 2.0 service. So now you know I placed my  Trade Alerts 2.0 service first before my own personal trading. I get in to trade my personal account only after I traded the trade alerts account and only after I send out the trades as trade alerts to members. If you are a member then you know that you’ll be trading your personal account about the same time I trade my personal account as we will be receiving the trade alerts’ signals about the same time.  

Mar 21

Trade Alerts 2.0 has a good start this year

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Due to my commitment to travel around the region to mentor and coach aspiring traders on the ways of successful profitable trading, I stopped Trade Alerts 1.0 and started to revamp my operations to help me reach out to more traders who need help. This took 2 years of revamp. As of 2018, I am happen to announced that Trade Alerts 2.0 is officially soft launched and this time for the soft launch, it is available to my students and my previous trade alerts members. Don’t worry, it’ll be available to the public tomorrow. Here are the screen shot of the results (profit and loss) based on what we send out in our Trade Alerts 2.0. Roughly about 10% return on capital for an account of US$7,000. And in less than 3 months. I would say it’s a pretty good start. Do check out my main page to get in on the action tomorrow and get my trades setup and trade details send to you to your phone when I trade them. 

Sep 18

This is a video to do well in life but especially also to do well in trading

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Many traders don’t understand that how and why their psychology affects their trading. Trading involves stress because trading can results in financial gain and loss sometimes in a matter of seconds.

When there is too much stress, it affects a person’s ability to make better decisions. And when a person can’t make better decisions in their trading, naturally they make losses in their trading.

And because of that, a good way to deal with the stress is gratitude. With gratitude, stress can be overcome and decision making in trading will be better. And because your decision making is better, you tend to make better trades and eventually results in overall profitability.

In short, when you are in a state of gratitude, your psychology is better, your trading is better.

If your gratitude is real and not faking it, naturally you start to win more in your winning trades, lose less when you are wrong and in a losing trades.

Overall, over time, you’ll start to see your capital grow bigger and your wealth grow consistently.

There’s a reason why I always preach about gratitude. It’s the key to success in almost all areas of life that I know of regardless whether it is for trading or not.

Gratitude is the key to having good psychology for trading and also for trading success. Watch the video to truly understand this.

And I quote William Arthur Ward words, “feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and and not giving it” and John F. Kennedy words, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest level of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”.

And I try to live by them. I feel stronger sense of gratitude when I show my gratitude in actions than in words. And its more real to me too. Don’t take my word for what I said. Try it and you can see your trading improve.

Jul 07

FREE Whatsapp Trade Signals/Alerts

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Latest Update:
We have shifted platform to share our trade signals/alerts in order to serve you better and reach you faster for our trade signals/alerts. Therefore, we stopped using and updating our trade alerts mobile app and on this website. In place of it, we will update our free trade ideas and trade signals/alerts through our newly formed facebook trade signals/alerts group and through whatsapp. Please click here to join our facebook free trade signals/alerts group.

Jun 13

Did you trade the UK Election? 13/05/2017

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So quite a few people ask me whether did me or my private community of traders traded on the news of the recent UK election.

I actually don’t bother much about the news but we did go in to trade on EURGBP more than a month before the election. Now we are totally out of the trade with profits on that one single trade of over 400 pips. The election just allowed us to go into much deeper profits as the attached screenshots shows.

The thing is this. We traded on the 19 April 2017 way before the news were announced in June 2017. The same thing happened for BREXIT almost exactly one year ago when we traded GBPUSD roughly three weeks before the the referendum and voting was held. That trade was massively profitable for us too after the news of the voting was announced.

The reason for all this, is by using and applying our time-tested and proven trading strategy/system, which we call Trade To Win trading system. A system, a measuring mechanism to measure the overall market crowd’s fear and greed to a high accuracy using our unique way of technical analysis.

When you can determine the overall market crowd’s fear and greed to a high accuracy using a measuring mechanism, a system, then you do not need to follow or trade the news or even be bothered about it. Because naturally most of the times than not, you will trade the news before it happens.

Here’s something extra for all to learn.
Always have a system
Always have an unfair advantage in your system
Make sure your system is time-tested and proven over time to work.
eurgbp strategic weekly 19april 2017 chart_1

eurgbp strategic weekly 19april 2017_1

Jun 12

Last two free workshop 12/06/2017

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So I will be taking a break soon after doing another 2 workshop. My 2.5 hour free workshop talk where I share the techniques me and my past participants have used and applied to consistently profit from the markets to grow our wealth.

Those who wished to attend, please sign up @ Apart from learning more in depth on how the global financial markets really worked, you will also learn:

Use leverage to grow your wealth safely and massively

Identify winning trades by determining direction and timing to a high accuracy (regardless of which and what market you are in)

Consistently grow your account by 2% to 8% per month, month after month.

Go ahead and register now before it’s over

Jun 01

Profits of 460% based on risk to reward

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I traded gbpjpy together with my private group on the 24th May and got out with profits within a week. The best thing is, I didn’t even look for the trade. My students found the trade, posted it and we all traded it together. That’s synergy. And it’s r2r of 1:4.6, that’s 460% based on risk to reward.
gbpjpy strategic 4h 24th may 2017_1